HeiKaMaX is a biannual one-day workshop that brings together experimental economists from the region (Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and others).

Experimental Economics Workshops

13th HeiKaMaX Workshop

 When: Friday, 18 May 2018

Where: University of Mannheim, Mannheim Palace, Fuchs-Petrolub-Festsaal (O 138)


10:00 Christian Koenig gen. Kersting (HD): Active vs. Passive Risk Taking (with Anna Merkel)

10:45 Coffee break

11:00 Jana Rollmann (KIT): Impact and Participation: A Field Experiment on Voting over Resource Allocation (with Clemens Puppe)

11:45 Christoph Feldhaus (Münster): Are groups more likely to do what `one is ought to do’ and do they affect their members’ subsequent individual behavior? (with Philipp Dörrenberg)

12:30 Lunch at local restaurants (at own expense)

14:00 Holger Rau (MA): Betrayal Aversion and the Effectiveness of Incentive Contracts

14:45 Coffee break

15:00 Nora Szech (KA): Information Design and Self Control

15:45 Duk Gyoo Kim (MA): Mixing Propensity and Strategic Decision Making

16:30 Coffee break

16:45 Philippe Gillen (ZEW): First-Price Auction Design with Loss Averse Bidders (with Nicolas Fugger and Tobias Riehm)

17:30 Yilong Xu (HD): Nonspeculative Bubbles Revisited and the Role of Cognitive Efficiency (with Steven Tucker)

18:15 End of academic program

18:45 Joint dinner (at own expense) at restaurant “Azteca Mexicana”, Stadthaus, N1.


12th HeiKaMaX Workshop

Friday, October 27, 2017, 10:00 – 18:00, Joint Dinner (at own expense): 18:30 – ???

Location:  University of Heidelberg, Neue Universität, Altstadt(!), Universitätsplatz

To get there from Heidelberg Main station, either take Bus No. 32 to Uni-Platz or take the S-Bahn directly to “Altstadt” and walk from there along Hauptstraße (about 15 min.).


In the morning we are in room „ehem. Senatssaal“, Neue Universität

10:00     Liza Charroin (HD): “Peer effects on performance and cheating: an experiment on the self-selection effect”

10:45     Coffee break

11:00     Marco Lambrecht (HD): “Measuring skill and chance in games”

11:45     Coffee break

12:00     Peter Dürsch (MA): “Hot Hand in Online Games”

12:45     Lunch at local restaurants (at own expense)

In the afternoon, we are in room “Hörsaal 01” Neue Universität

14:15     Marcel Preuß (Uni Mannheim): “Heterogeneous Fairness Views”

15:00     Coffee break

15:15     Timo Goeschl (HD): ‘Social distance and inter-charity competition’ (joint with C., Gallier, J. Lohse, C. Reif, D. Römer)

16:00     Coffee break

16:15     Jörg Oechssler (HD): “Copy Trading”

17:00     Coffee break

17:15     Philipp Reiss (KIT): “Destruction behavior: The effect of provision cost variation and the relation to (non-)cooperation preferences”

18:00     End of academic program

18:30     Joint dinner, restaurant “Kulturbrauerei”


11th HeiKaMaX Workshop

31 March 2017 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institutes ECON & IBU

Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim & neighbors, Experimental Economics

Academic Program: 10:15 – 17:45, Joint Dinner (at own expense): 18:30 – 21:00

Venue: KIT Alter Senatssaal/Sitzungssaal (Raum 223) Gebäude 10.11, Kaiserstraße 12, 76131 Karlsruhe

Final Program

10:15 Jannis Engel (KIT): A Little Good is Good Enough: Ethical Consumption, Cheap Excuses, and Moral Self-Licensing (joint with Nora Szech)

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 Robert Schmidt (Heidelberg): Implementing Fair Procedures? (joint with Stefan Trautmann)

12:00 Andreas Landmann (Paris/PSE): Local Leaders and Pro-social Behavior: The Effect of Becoming Elected (joint with Björn Vollan)

12:45 Lunch

14:15 Leonie Fütterer (KIT): Gender, Context and the Adequate Wage (joint with Nora Szech)

15:00 Holger Rau (Mannheim/Göttingen): Unjustified Work Compensation and Antisocial Behavior

(joint with Kerstin Grosch)

15:45 Coffee break

16:15 Petra Nieken (KIT): Bad boys, good girls?! – what causes the gender gap in sabotage?

(joint with Simon Dato)

17:00 Philipp Reiss (KIT): Opportunity Cost, Inattention and the Bidder’s Curse (joint with Dave Freeman and Erik Kimbrough)

17:45 End of academic program

18:30 Joint dinner, Enchiladas, Waldstr. 63, 76133 Karlsruhe (https://www.enchilada.de/karlsruhe)


10th HeiKaMaX Workshop

Friday, 18 November, 2016, 10.00 – 17.30, joint dinner from 18.30 (at own expense)

Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW), L7, 1. Raum Luxemburg.


10:00   Anna Merkel (Heidelberg), Legislative Bargaining with Subjective Claims (with Christoph Vanberg)

10:45   Coffee break

11:00   Stefan Penczynski (Mannheim), Disclosure of Verifiable Information under Competition: An Experimental Study (with Sihong Zhang)

11:45   Petra Nieken (Karlsruhe), Always expect the worse!? The Impact of Information Policy on the Gender Gap in Sabotage Decisions in Tournaments (with Simon Dato)

12:30   Lunch in the surroundings (at own expense)

14:00   Katharina Momsen (Mannheim), The Effects of Information and Communication in Posted Offer Markets: An Experiment

14:45   Heiko Karle (Frankfurt School), Student Performance and Loss Aversion (with Martin Peitz and Dirk Engelmann)

15:30   Coffee break

16:00   Carlo Gallier (ZEW), Keeping it Local? An Inter-Neighborhood Experiment on Parochialism and the Efficiency of Multi-Level Public Goods Provision (with Timo Goeschl, Martin Kesternich, Johannes Lohse, Christiane Reif, Daniel Römer)

16:45   Jörg Oechssler (Heidelberg), Hedging and Ambiguity (with Alex Roomets)

17:30   End of academic program

18:30   Joint dinner, Rheinterrassen Mannheim.


9th HeiKaMaX – workshop

Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 10:00 – 17:30, Joint Dinner (at own expense): 18:30 – ???

Location:  University of Heidelberg, AWI, Bergheimer Str. 58, Room 02.023


10:00     Jana Rollmann (KIT): Mean vs. Median-Based Voting in Multi-Dimensional Allocation Problems

10:45     Coffee break

11:00     Gert Pönitzsch (HD): “Group vs. Individual Contributions to a Public Good: Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment”

11:45     Christian König-Kersting (HD): Good decision vs. good results: Outcome bias in the evaluation of financial agents (with Monique Pollmann, Jan Potters, and Stefan Trautmann)

12:30     Lunch at local restaurants (at own expense)

14:00     Dietmar Fehr / Stefan Trautmann (HD): “Inequality, unfairness, the rich, the poor, and social capital”

14:45     Nora Szech (KIT): In My Backyard? Causal Effects of Physical Distance on Cooperativeness (with Leonie Fütterer)

15:30     Coffee break

16:00     Martin Kesternich (ZEW): The Power of Active Choice: Field Experimental Evidence on Repeated Contribution Decisions to a Carbon Offsetting Program (joint work with D. Römer and F. Flues)

16:45     Sihong Zhang (U Mannheim): Procrastination and Long-term Team Effort

17:30     End of academic program

18:30     Joint dinner, restaurant “Tati”

8th HeiKaMaX Workshop

Friday, April 24, 2015, 10.00 – 17.30, joint dinner from 18.30 (at own expense)

Venue: KIT Alter Senatssaal/Sitzungssaal Gebäude 10.11, Kaiserstraße 12, 76131 Karlsruhe


10:15   Christoph Vanberg (Heidelberg): Who never tells a lie?

11:00   Coffee break

11:15   Matej Belica (KIT): Non-binding Award in Multi-unit Auctions with Single-unit Demand (joint with Karl-Martin Ehrhart and Marie-Christin Haufe)

12:00   Philipp Reiss (KIT): Could we overcome the Winner’s Curse by (behavioral) auction design? (joint with Dan Levin)

12:45   Lunch

14:15   Peter Dürsch (Heidelberg): Executive Regulation of Economic Decision Making in Schizophrenia (joint with Daniel Holt and Katlehn Baum)

15:00   Nora Szech (KIT): Institutions, Shared Guilt, and Moral Transgression (joint with: Dominik Rothenhäusler and Nikolaus Schweizer)

15:45   Coffee break

16:15   Paul Gortner (Frankfurt): Peer Effects and Risk Sharing in Experimental Asset Markets (joint with Sascha Baghestanian and Joel van der Weele)

17:00   Andreas Landmann (Mannheim): Village leadership and solidarity: How pro-social behavior changes with becoming elected (joint with Björn Vollan)

17:45   End of academic program

18:30   Joint dinner, tba , 76133 Karlsruhe


7th HeiKaMaX Workshop

Friday, 28 November, 2014, 10.00 – 17.30, joint dinner from 18.30 (at own expense)

University of Mannheim, Mannheim Castle, Room SO 418, “Bahnhofsturm”


10.00 Gerhard Riener (Mannheim), Focusing vs. relative thinking: an experimental

assessment (with Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt)

10.45 Coffee break

11.00 Christoph Brunner (Heidelberg), Is subject behavior consistent with the Nash

equilibrium when preferences are common knowledge? (with Florian Kauffeld and

Hannes Rau)

11.45 J. Philipp Reiss (Karlsruhe), Behavioral Variation in Tullock Contests (with

Aidas Masiliunas and Friederike Mengel)

12.30 Lunch in the surroundings (at own expense)

14.00 Sascha Baghestanian (Frankfurt), Prior Outcomes and Instability in

Experimental Credit Markets (with Ferdinand von Siemens and Baptiste Massenot)

14.45 Dietmar Fehr (WZ Berlin), Talking about others: Gossip increases Trust &

Cooperation (with Matthias Sutter)

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Andreas Leibbrandt (Monash University visiting Heidelberg), A Natural Field

Experiment on Sabotage in the Workplace (with Jeffrey Flory and John List)

16.45 Marcus Wiens (Karlsruhe), Officer and Gentleman? An Experimental Study of

Occupational Norms and Cooperative Behaviour by the Example of Army Officers

(with Karl Morasch et al.)

17.30 End of academic program

18.30 Joint dinner, Restaurant Novus, M4, 1, 68161 Mannheim.

6th HeiKaMaX Workshop

Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Friday, April 11, 2014, 10:00 – 17:30, Joint Dinner (at own expense): 18:30 – 21:30

Location:  University of Heidelberg, AWI, Bergheimer Str. 58, Room 02.023


10:00    Keynote: Martin Dufwenberg (Bocconi), Frustration & Anger in Games

10:45    Coffee break

11:00    Stefan Trautmann (Heidelberg): Understanding Contagious Bank Runs (with Martin Brown and Razvan Vlahu)

11:45    Christoph Merkle (Mannheim): Emotions and the Double Nature of the Disposition Effect

12:30    Lunch at local restaurants (at own expense)

14:00    Markus Fels (KIT): Limited Attention and the Demand for Health Insurance

14:45    Nora Szech (KIT): Moral Transgression in the Pursuit of Excellence (with Armin Falk)

15:30    Coffee Break

16:00    Martin Kesternich (Mannheim): The Demand for voluntary carbon offsets: Field experimental evidence from the long-distance bus market in Germany (with Andreas Löschel and Daniel Römer)

16:45    Subhasish Dugar (University of Calgary, visiting Heidelberg), Achieving Efficient Coordination Via Cheap-Talk: The Role of Incentives to Lie

17:30   End of academic program

18:30   Joint dinner, restaurant Tati, Bergheimer Straße 151

5th HeiMaX Workshop

18 October 2013 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Economics

Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Academic Program: 10:00 – 17:30, Joint Dinner (at own expense): 18:30 – 21:30

Venue: KIT International Department (Hector Auditorium), Schlossplatz 19, 76131 Karlsruhe


10:00     Nora Szech: Optimal Revelation of Life-Changing Information
(with Nikolaus Schweizer)

10:45     Coffee break

11:00     Philipp Schreiber: Early retirement: the influence of framing and time preferences  on the retirement decision

11:45     Christine Kaufmann: De-Biasing investors’ volatility inadaptability

12:30     Lunch

14:00     Jörg Oechssler: Imitation under Stress
(with Magdalena Buckert and Christiane Schwieren)

14:45     Thomas Eife: Price Competition in an Inflationary Environment               (with Peter Duersch)

15:30     Coffee break

16:00     Claudia Niemeyer: Risk Reduction in Experimental Games and Individual Choice
(with J. Philipp Reiss and Karim Sadrieh)

16:45     Marc Adam: An Experiment on Auction Fever
(with Jan Krämer, Marius Müller)

17:30     End of academic program

18:30     Joint dinner, restaurant Alte Bank, Herrenstraße 30, 76133 Karlsruhe

4th HeiMaX Workshop

Heidelberg, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Friday, May 24, 2013, 10:00 – 18:15 plus Dinner 18:30-21:30

Location:  University of Mannheim, L7, 3-5 (the economics building), Room PO44


10:00 Markus Fels: Product Lines, Product Design, and Limited Attention

10:45 coffee break

11:00 Christian Ehm:  When risk and return are not enough: the role of loss aversion in private investors’ choice of mutual fund fee structures

11:45 Philipp Schreiber: Time Inconsistent Preferences and the Annuitization Decision

12:30 lunch

13:30 Veronica Block: Nash Equlilibrium and Manipulation in a Mean Rule Experiment

14:15 Timo Hoffmann: The Effect of Belief Elicitation on Game Play

15:00 coffee break

15:30 Joel van der Weele (Frankfurt) Self-Image and Strategic Ignorance in Moral Dilemmas

16:15 Christian Koch: Does Reference Point  Formation via Contracts Lead to Wage Rigidity? Experimental Evidence

17:00 Break

17:15 Daniel Roemer: Intertemporal stability of ambiguity preferences

18:15 Dinner

3rd HeiMaX Workshop

Heidelberg, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Friday, October 12, 2012, 9:30 – 16:00

Location:  University of Heidelberg, AWI, Bergheimer Str. 58, Room 02.023


9:30       Jana Friedrichsen (Mannheim): “Who cares for social image? Interactions between intrinsic motivation and social image concerns “

10:15     Christine  Binzel (Heidelberg) „How do Formal and Informal Institutions Influence Resource Sharing? Experimental Evidence from Village India “

11:00     Coffee break

11.30     Christiane Bradler (ZEW): “Incentives and Creativity”

12:15     Andreas Bernecker (Mannheim): “Do People Stick to Policies or Numbers? Explaining Status Quo Bias through Anchoring”

13:00     Lunch break

14:30     Alex Roomets (Heidelberg) „ A Test of the Reny-Robson Model of Mixed Strategy Play”

15:15     Christian Koch (Mannheim): “The virtue ethics hypothesis: is there a nexus between virtues and well-being?”

16:00     End

2nd HeiMaX Workshop

Heidelberg, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Friday, April 13, 2012, 10:15 – 16:45

Location:  University of Heidelberg, AWI, Bergheimer Str. 58, Room 02.023


10:15     Christoph Brunner (Heidelberg) „ Premium Auctions and Risk Preferences: An Experimental Study“

11:00     Stefan Penczynski (Mannheim): „A level-k model of social learning”

11:45     Coffee break

12:00     Carsten Schmidt (Mannheim): Political participation, norms of citizenship, and heterogeneous motivation ­ Experimental and survey evidence

12:45     Lunch break

14:15     Nikos Nikiforakis (MPI Bonn and Melbourne) “Coordination in games with third-party externalities”

15:00     Christoph Vanberg (Heidelberg) „Experiments on legislative bargaining“

15:45     Coffee break

16:00     Andrea Leuermann (Heidelberg) „ Does good advice come cheap? – On the assessment of risk preferences in the lab and the field”

16:45     End

1st HeiMaX Workshop

Heidelberg, Mannheim & neighbors, experimental economics

Friday, 28.10. 2011, 9:00 – 14:00

Location: ZEW, Mannheim, L7, Room Luxemburg


9:00       Jörg Oechssler (Heidelberg): Exploitation

9:45       Peter Dürsch (Heidelberg): Benevolent and Malevolent Ellsberg Urns

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Stefan Penczynski (Mannheim): Strategic Thinking: The Influence of the Game

11:30     Dirk Engelmann (Mannheim): Forgiven and Forgotten: A Large-Scale Experiment on Trust and Reputation

12:00     Lunch break

13:00     Carsten Schmidt (Mannheim): Double or Nothing

13:30     Henrik Orzen (Mannheim): Price versus Quantity Competition – Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Deviations from Equilibrium

14:00     End